Finding Your Place

As I was traveling through the US over the last few weeks, I started to think about how big and wonderful this world really is. One day I am in Australia and less than a day later, I am on the other side of the world. I don’t know about you, but I am still amazed by that. It got me thinking about my place in this world, and where do I call home. Having a place to call home, a base, a family, a unit, is the most important thing you can have in this world. Knowing there are people there who are thinking about you, and care about you, is a special feeling. When I first became the second wife and stepmum, I couldn’t figure out my place in my home or my world. I was lost, I felt like an outsider, I was there, but I really wasn’t there. This is what it can feel like when you don’t have a strong base or a place you know is your home. Your role in life is to find your place, don’t wait for others to give it to you, or create it for you, you need to claim it, and stamp your fork into the ground. Own it, bring it to life, nurture it. Your place in your home is the most important role of all. The mother or female figure controls the temperature and sets it to the right degrees. The father may be the head of the family, but the mother is the neck and she can turn it any way she likes. Your true identity as a person is not just the role that you play in the family. You’re not just a mum, a wife, a second wife or a stepmother. You’re far more than that, and keeping a good sense of yourself will ensure you’re respected and honoured just as you should be, no matter who the parents of your children are or what number wife you are. Traveling can really make you think about your place in this world, and where you call home, and what and who is important to you. It nudges at you, and asks you the question, where do you fit in, and who are your people or family, where are your loved one’s. As much as I love traveling this incredible world and experiencing everything I can. I love coming home, to my place I call home. The place I worked hard to find, and I am grateful I found it! Never lose sight of what you have worked so hard for in your blended family – Your Place! Protect it, nurture it, and always remember – You are Second to None!

Angela Vassallo xx