Who Am I

I am a Business Coach and Mentor, I have been privileged enough to have been coached and mentored by the some of the best in the business, from all around the world. Now I share my wisdom and knowledge and business skills to help others create a life of their Dreams. My Journey has led me down the path of Network Marketing and Online Marketing. I noticed the Global Shift in the way people were doing business. And all roads were leading to Social Media and Social Selling. The Baby Boomers and Generation Y are setting the trends and leading the way. The Baby Boomers want to look younger, feel better, and live longer. The Generation Y don’t want to work the 40 Year plan, that we all bought into. They want to work smart not hard. Things are changing, and these 2 groups make up a big part of the population. As an Entrepreneur, I knew if I could be part of a business, that can cater for these fast growing trends, then that would be a brilliant business model. And I am so grateful I have found it!

Zig Ziglar says “You help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want”

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