Hi there,

I'm Angela Vassallo  

Women's Empowerment Coach, Author and Speaker.

Welcome, I am thrilled you are here!

I help Ambitious Women just like you, to Master your feminine energy, and Embrace your Second Act of Life! 

It's time to dream big, spark ideas, create more clarity and kick those big ideas into action.

Permission granted to become the Main Character in your Second Act of Life, and believe that you are capable of achieving and designing the Extraordinary life you Dare to envision.

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Hi there,

I'm Angela Vassallo  

Businesswoman, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Stepmum and Mum.

Welcome, I am so glad you are here!

I help ambitious women just like you, to dream big, spark ideas, create more clarity and kick those big ideas into action.

My leadership and success principles will amplify your belief that you are capable of achieving the extraordinary life you dare to envision.

CLICK BELOW Let me guide you on the first steps in your Transformation!  

DOWNLOAD NOW: 5 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Is this you?

Can you remember the old days, when you felt fearless and believed the world was your oyster?

What happened? 

✨ Are self doubt and fear of the unknown holding you back?

✨ Do you have an idea for a business, and need support to launch it?

✨ Do you feel you were meant for more, but not sure how or what?

Are you wanting to pivot in your career?

✨ Would more confidence and courage help you to finally step out and be seen?

✨ Do you want clear action steps to achieve your personal and professional goals?

✨ Would you like to overcome life's challenges and bounce back faster?


This is a safe place to collaborate, connect and surround yourself with like minded women and create the success you deserve.


— Angela Vassallo

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Believe me, I am just like you.

Back in 2015, I was depressed and despondent, and found myself struggling to get out of bed. The pressure of business and life had dragged me right down and I could barely remember the vibrant young woman l once was.

In a clear moment, I decided to take back control of my life, I set myself on a journey of  personal discovery.

I have been a student of Personal development for over 30 years, and grateful to have had many incredible mentors in my life. 

However, I had forgotten the key principles to success, I was searching everywhere for validation, instead of turning inwards and trusting myself.

The way I see it, to transform or change your life, you will go through uncomfortable pressure and challenges, much like a lump of coal, to emerge as a shining example of a diamond with strength, resilience and brilliance. 

My story brings together everything I have learned from building my own self-confidence and going from exhausted mum to award-winning business owner and best-selling author.

I believe that we hold the pen in our hands to write our own story. 

Are you ready to write your best seller, and shine bright like a Diamond?

Through my online courses, live events, workshops, and free trainings, you will develop the courage to pursue and more importantly, achieve your goals and dreams.

It's time to get out of your own way and get stuff done, let's do this! 

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