Are YOU ready to Start Building a Six Figure Business Now?

How to Create a Life Changing Business!

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Are YOU ready to Start Building a Six Figure Business Now?

Business Coach

Angela is an established Businesswoman and Coach, who has studied under Personal Development experts Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Maxwell and Louise Hay. Angela’s passion is to Inspire Success, and Build Leaders!

In The Media

As a sought after Speaker and Educator, Angela has been interviewed in the Media on numerous Talk Shows in Australia and the U.S. She has been Published in the Huffington Post for Successful Women in Business. She loves sharing her tips on Life, Family and being an Entrepreneur.

International Author

Angela is a Second Wife and Stepmum, she has been a part of her Blended Family for more than a Decade. She wrote the book “The Second Wives’ Guide” to help other women like her, not only survive, but thrive in their Blended Families.

Angela Vassallo

Hi, I’m Angela Vassallo,

I’m an AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR and BUSINESS COACH. You may know me from the Best Selling Book “The Second Wives’ Guide”. I have helped thousands of women in Australia and all around the World, find Peace and Create Harmony in their Blended Families. I have helped them to realize, that they may be the second wife, but they are Second to None!

My Passion and Purpose in life is to help people LIVE their DREAMS, and not Leave their Dreams. I am able to do that by helping people create a LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS, through the POWER of SOCIAL SELLING and NETWORK MARKETING. Never before has there been a better time than NOW, to tap into an online business that can literally change your life! There has been a GLOBAL SHIFT in the way people do Business. What if you had a Business Vehicle that could give you time and money, but more importantly the FREEDOM to live life on your terms.

I have searched high and low for a business model that could generate me a 6- FIGURE INCOME working from home, I needed that business to be GLOBAL, and allow me the FREEDOM to travel anywhere in the WORLD. I believe I have found that Vehicle, and I am so excited to share it with you.

Clarity, Purpose, Joy, Fullfillment, Balance, Self Worth, Feeling part of a Tribe, These are all things I was searching for in LIFE and in BUSINESS. If any of these resonate with you I encourage you to put your details in and check out my FREE 5 – Day Online Course – “HOW TO CREATE A LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS”

It’s time to Give yourself Permission to Shine!!I Look forward to connecting with.

Angela Vassallo

It’s YOUR Time To SHINE!!

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Our Clients

“I have known Angela for 16 years. She is a highly experienced businesswoman and she has a real heart to help people succeed. If you have some big goals and dreams, chat with Angela.”

Dale Beaumont
Award Winning Entrepreneur and 16 Times Best-Selling Author
“Angela Vassallo is what every Entrepreneur is looking for. She is the ultimate professional. She is who an Entrepreneur is looking to partner with in business, she is who an up and coming Entrepreneur is looking for as a mentor, she is who you are looking for to speak at your next event and she is an all round great leader of people. Knowing Angela for the last 2 years is exciting as her current success as a business women, successful author and speaker is just the beginning of where she is heading now. If you are looking to get ahead in life, if you are looking for freedom through the new age of business, if you want to be successful, then AngelaVassallo has the runs on the board to partner with Angela has a talent for taking anybody and coaching them towards success. Not just financial success, but also having the lifestyle as well. When you get to meet her you will know what I mean straight away. She is an absolute star.”
Aaron Byerlee
Diamond Director Jeunesse The Deck Chair Millionaire
“I have worked with Angela for the last couple of years. We originally connected through similar entrepreneurial networks. The thing I love about working with Angela is that she is unbelievably professional. She is driven for success, has an amazing work ethic and is always investing in her personal growth to make improvements in her business. In short Angela is a first class entrepreneur”
Craig Schulze
Diamond Director Jeunesse