Episode 2

Season #1

In the " Launch Your Second Act" podcast episode, Angela Vassallo reflects on her journey from being perceived as someone with her "head in the clouds" to finding balance between dreams and reality. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining optimism while staying grounded. Angela shares personal experiences, including her blended family dynamics, to illustrate the evolution of her perspective.

She discusses the significance of viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and reframing setbacks as resets. Angela encourages listeners to adopt a proactive mindset by focusing on what is required rather than settling for their perceived best. She emphasizes the power of taking control of one's narrative and becoming the protagonist of their own life story.

Angela draws inspiration from Brene Brown's metaphor of "being in the arena," urging listeners to embrace vulnerability and take risks despite potential judgment from others. She emphasizes the importance of seeking feedback from those who are actively engaged in similar endeavors rather than being deterred by criticism from bystanders.

Ultimately, Angela concludes with a message of empowerment, encouraging listeners to share the podcast with others and continue their journey of personal development.