From Pole Fitness World Champion to Entrepreneur!

Season #1

In this empowering episode, Angela Vasssallo welcomes Andrea Ryff, the owner of Achieve Pole Studio. Andrea explains how her journey started as a gymnastics and how she discovered the world of to pole dancing and entrepreneurship.

Andrea's passion for pole dancing emerged at the age of 36, leading her to become a fierce advocate for the art form over the past 14 years.

Notably, becoming a World Champion not once but twice and achieving victory at the Australian Pole Championships in 2014, defying age stereotypes at 40. Establishing Achieve Pole Studio in 2012, Andrea celebrates her 12-year milestone this August, showcasing her resilience and dedication to empowering women through fitness.

Despite enduring societal stigmas, Andrea dispels the misconception that pole dancing is exclusively associated with the realm of stripping. Instead, she emphasizes the impact of pole dancing has on women who seek empowerment and self-confidence.

Through Achieve Pole Studio, Andrea fosters a supportive environment where women can embrace their strength and defy self-imposed limitations, transcending societal norms to discover their true potential.

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